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Comprehensive Planning

If while paying you experience a system error and/or do not receive a receipt from ACA please do not pay again without talking to a member of staff. Please call Mara Weber at 702-455-4320 or email at

If you see an error about the "Digital Plan Room", we are working on a fix, your payment and application are unaffected.

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Search for Records/Applications

To search Records/Applications on file with the Department of Comprehensive Planning:

For record searches, you may enter data into one or more of the following fields:

  • Record/Application Number*
  • Parcel Number*
  • Parcel Address*
* Search will only populate the record or records linked directly with the Record/Application Number, Parcel Number or Address entered.

You may also refine your search or complete a general search of Records/Applications by entering data into one or more of the following fields:

  • Record/Application Type
  • Project Type

To search for all applications associated with a Parcel Number (from current parcel or its history), please use the Reports function above.

Be advised records prior to 1994 may not populate in any of the above searches.

To access documents associated with a Record/Application, please visit the Land Use Documents webpage.

For assistance, please contact the Zoning Counter by calling (702) 455-4314 (option 2, option 1) or sending an email to

General Search

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