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New to the LauderBuild Plan Room (LPR)? We would recommend reviewing the LPR Quick Start Guide to ensure you are prepared to submit your application to avoid delays in processing. You can also visit the City LauderBuild Plan Room page for more details, help and video tutorials! Question about fees? Review the DSD Fee Schedules

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Search for Records

All search criteria entered must match the record data, so a broader search works best. It is recommended to search by only a few fields. If you do not get results from a search:

    •     Ensure the record information is entered correctly.
    •     For Address searches: Try entering ONLY the Street Number and Street Name (you may use "%" as a wildcard in the Street Name field).
    •     If entering the full record number, ensure any dashes are included (e.g., BLD-ROOF-0000001).
    •     To search for a Permit record that was created prior to October 4, 2019, please prefix your record number with "PM-" (e.g., PM-10000000).
    •     Try expanding your search further by doing a partial search. E.g., if searching for "MEC-RES-19030028" or "PM-19030028", try "%19030028". 

NOTE:  If you cannot find a record you believe exists, please contact the LauderBuild Support Team. 

General Search

To search for a Permit created prior to 10/4/2019, please prefix your record number with "PM-"
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