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Search for Records

Enter information below to search the county's permitting database. Permits can be searched by entering any of the following information:
        - Parcel Number
        - Site Address
        - Contractor License Information
        - Record/Permit Information
        - Contact Information
Use the drop-down menu to change the Search type.

If searching by Record Status, please note that your search will only return records that are currently in that status.

Please note that the Start and End Date fields are the date range for when a Record was created and not the status date (i.e., Permit Issuance).

General Search

Select various search forms using the drop-down list above.


By default, your search results are confined to the section you're currently in. (i.e. - Building, Engineering, etc.) 

If you would like to search across all sections, please check "Search All Records"

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