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To view details (reports, letters and photos) of inspection records for properties you own, you must register an account on this portal. 

You will receive an email from within 1 - 3 business days after finishing the registration and providing ID. Staff will activate your account upon determining information provided is complete. Please search your email if you do not see the email.

For questions or issues with activating your ACA account please send email to or call 510-238-3832.

Note: You can use the same credential to search, apply other department permits, upload or download documents and pay the fee.

For a general search of inspection status or schedule, no registration is required. Enter a Record number, parcel number or address below

No account is required to pay your Fire Prevention fees.  Use the search fields below, then select "Payments" then "Fees" and "Pay Fees".

If you have received a Notice of Violation (NOV), you have the right to Appeal (fire prevention appeal form)

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