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Search for Records

Tips for searching Business License records:

*Note: If you're looking for your business license and it is not showing above this section of text, contact the agency to link your record.

1. For best search results, enter less data or a portion of the word.
2. Use the % character to replace or represent one or more characters in a word. 
  • Different spellings for the Business Name
    • Mc%donald%s would display records containing "McDonalds", "McDonald's", "Mc Donald's", and "Mc Donalds".
  • Street names that may contain a special character, (apostrophe)
    • D%Andrea would display records containing D’Andrea
  • Frequently misspelled words - Use a portion of the word.
    • McC% would display records containing McCarran
3. Use ‘Search Additional Criteria’ to further expand your results by record specific information. (This requires Agency and License Type)

General Search

Use the Start Date and End Date fields to enter parameters for the date the license was first issued. Only limited information about the business license can be viewed by non-license holders.
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