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The Digital Plan Room is now available for Building and Development Review Services applications. Training Videos (YouTube) are available to aid in all aspects of the application process.

Before using the Access Portal , please use the incognito or private modes of your browser or close your browser windows, reopen and clear your browser history.

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Search for Records

Begin a Search by entering in the least amount of information for one or two of the search fields.  We recommend starting with an address number and street, then selecting the Search button.  You only need to enter information in one field to begin a search.  Then select the parcel that matches your project site.
Additionally, to refine your Search go to the General Search to the right and select the search type from the drop-down list. 
Results include records created within the past two years. Change the start date when searching for a older records. 
When searching by a partial record number, use the use the wildcard percentage sign (%) before and/or after your criteria. Example: if you know that part of the permit number is 2906, entering %2906% will bring back all permits within your date range that have 2906 anywhere in their number.
Narrow a search by selecting Address, Record, or Licensed Professional from the General Search drop-down list. 

General Search

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