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We are currently experiencing processing delays with credit card and echeck payments with our site and at our offices. At this time, there are no transactions being processed at our offices or over the phone due to these technical issues.  We expect a resolution shortly.  If you have any questions regarding your transactions, please contact us at

Fee Changes
A new convenience fee will be in effect October 4, 2021. There will be a credit card convenience fee of 2.25% with a minimum $1.00 and an e-check convenience fee of $1.50. American Express and Discover cards will be accepted beginning October 4.

- Information on Building Services Fee Schedule Changes Effective October 1 

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Use the Start Date and End Date to enter a date range for the date the permit was entered into the system.

    Date Searches: the default search will be for the past 2 years. If you are searching for an older record, please change the start date for your search.

    Record Number Searches: if you are searching by a partial record number, you must use the wildcard percentage sign (%) before or after your criteria.

      Example: if you know that part of the permit number is 2906, entering %2906 will bring back all permits within your date range that have 2906 anywhere in their number.

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