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Search for Records

General Record Searches for Code Enforcement have been disabled. If you need a Lien Search, you may request a lien search by clicking on the link above under “Enter a Complaint or Request a Lien Search”.

General Search

Enter your search criteria below.  Use the Start Date and End Date to enter a date range for the date the enforcement record was entered into the system.

Date Searches: the default search will be for the past 2 years. If you are searching for an older record, please change the start date for your search.

Record Number Searches: if you are searching by a partial record number, please enter the wildcard percentage sign (%) before or after your criteria.

EXAMPLE: if you know that part of the record number is 2906, entering %2906 will bring back all records within your date range that have 2906 anywhere in their number.

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