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The Develop 901 Citizen Portal provides an online platform to apply for planning permits, construction permits and licenses, and to schedule construction inspections. 

To begin, please review these instructions:

1. Select the Login button at the top of the Develop 901 Citizen Portal homepage or Register for an Account.

2. Choose your application category (1. General   2. Planning   3. Construction Enforcement) and click “Create an Application” to start a new application, or click (4. Licenses, Signs & Elevators) for new license, sign, or elevator applications.

3. Agree to terms and click “Continue Application” to move forward.

4. For Construction Enforcement, i.e., Building, choose which subsection you wish to apply for (i.e., Certificate of Occupancy, Commercial Building, Mechanical, etc.).  The next sections will collect information for the application including contact and professional license information, if applicable. 

5. To Pay Online select “Search Applications”.   In the General Search, enter the address of the record.  Enter the street number in the “To” field. Enter only the Street name in the Street Name field. Do not include street direction (i.e. North or N) or the street type (i.e. Road, Street, Cove).  Find and confirm your record in the list.  Select “Pay Fees Due” in the Action column and proceed to checkout.  

6. Choose “Schedule an Inspection” to schedule a construction inspection.  Find your record in the list.  Confirm it is your record.  Click the record number to open.  Find the inspection you would like to schedule in the list.  Select “Actions”.  Follow the prompts to request a date.  To request an inspection not in the list, select “Schedule or Request an Inspection” in green in the Upcoming section.  

Please contact 901-222-8354 for technical support.

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