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Record LDPSMU-2014-00157

Pre-Submittal Meeting - Urban

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  • Plans must be "to scale" original plans scanned and saved as PDF file (or other acceptable electronic format per NCBELS regulations 21 NCAC 56.1103).
  • All submitted plans and design calculations must be sealed and signed by a design professional licensed in the state of North Carolina.
  • Where applicable, include a PDF of sealed engineering calculations, drainage area maps, exhibits, and/or supporting documentation.
  • Plan sheets should be 24"X 36" maximum size, and can be scanned at a resolution of 150 dpi.
  • Do not submit separated PDF for each sheet of the plan set. Combine multiple PDF sheets in Acrobat, using the "Smaller file size" setting which compresses the image even more but keeps it legible. Ensure that all pages are in order, and rotated properly for viewing on-screen.

  • FOR PROJECTS WITH DRIVEWAY ENTRANCES TO NCDOT-MAINTAINED ROADWAYS: Please attach to this project record a completed, signed NCDOT Street and Driveway Access Permit Application (form TEB 65-04). This driveway permit application can be obtained from the NCDOT website at

    FOR SUBDIVISION submittals (excluding Sketch Plans), in addition to the above:
  • A completed Gateway Checklist.
  • Floodplain Development Permit Application (If Applicable).
  • A NCDOT Stamped Transmittal for projects in ETJ or located on State-maintained roadway.
  • Subdivision Signature Form – Complete and attach below a subdivision signature form.
  • Visit EPLAN Required Documents  for a copy of all required documents to include the signature page and/or a complete list of required documents.

    For Targeted Questions submittals - Please upload a one page sketch plan and your list of questions (no more than five questions).

    FEES: Please note payment of review fees must be done via personal check delivered to the Land Development office. For commercial projects, a Mecklenburg County bond account may be used for payment.

    Please DO NOT include any apostrophe (') in your document file name.
    DO NOT include any AutoCAD notation/text into PDF file Comment. Please verify it before uploading the PDF file.

    Please save the PDF file to your local C:\ drive before uploading it to the project.

    Please click on Save button after you finish file attachment.

    Please Note: maximum individual file size allowed is 50 MB.
    ade;adp;bat;chm;cmd;com;cpl;exe;hta;htm;ins;isp;jar;js;jse;lib;lnk;mde;mht;mhtml;msc;msp;mst;php;pif;pleasenote:html;scr;sct;shb;sys;vb;vbe;vbs;vxd;wsc;wsf;wsh. are disallowed file types to upload.

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