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Attention builders/contractors:

Building permits are listed under the Building tab below. Building, contractor, special event & business related applications are located under the Licenses tab.

For Special Events or Fireworks Permits:

To apply for a permit, please click on the “Licenses” tab.

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Search for Records

To search for a planning case, enter data into one or more of the fields below.  Case numbers (since 2007), should be entered in the Record Number field.  To search for a historic zoning case with a docket number (cases before 2007), enter the docket number in the Project Name field.  For example, enter 9-15-00 in the Project Name field to find information for that zoning case. Do not add any extra numbers or characters to the docket number. After you click on the appropriate search result, use the dropdown under Record Info and click on Attachments to view any documents associated with the case.


General Search

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