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Record 21PLN-00341

Planning - Entitlement

Record Status: Under Review

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For uploading initial plans and later requested documents, please select the "ADD" and then select files to upload. Once completed, be sure to select the "SAVE" button. The screen will display a message indicating you have successfully uploaded your files.

If you are re-submitting plans in response to a corrections report, you must use corresponding resubmit button on that specific corrections report. Failure to do so may cause a delay in our response. If you resubmit plans using the Add button by mistake, please notify your coordinator directly as they will not know you have re-submitted.
The maximum file size allowed is- 400 MB.
ade;adp;bat;chm;cmd;com;cpl;exe;hta;htm;html;ins;isp;jar;js;jse;lib;lnk;mde;mht;mhtml;msc;msp;mst;php;pif;scr;sct;shb;sys;vb;vbe;vbs;vxd;wsc;wsf;wsh are disallowed file types to upload.

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