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User Login Issue

Users may be experiencing login issues. We are aware of this nationwide issue and are actively working with the vendor to correct it.

While there is not currently a universal fix for this issue, it is suggested that users try the following options:


1. Use an alternative browser (one different than normal login method, supported browsers are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome)

2. Utilize an incognito or private window/browsing mode to open browser

3. Clear browser cache/cookies



If the suggested fixes are not successful, please contact the related department during regular business hours: 

Building Inspection: 804-751-4990
Community Enhancement: 804-748-1500
Environmental Engineering: 804-751-4665
Planning: 804-748-1050
Real Property Office: 804-748-1361
Utilities: 804-748-1862

Licensed Contractor Registered Account Association
In order for Licensed Contractors to associate their registered account with Chesterfield County, select Account Management after you have logged in and select the 'Add a License' button.

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